Travel with your hand luggage, but for how many days ?

Do you want to leave with only a cabin suitcase, but are not sure how many days it will last?


First of all you need to know if you are going to a warmer or cooler destination.

If you choose a sunny destination, you can travel with your hand luggage for a week or two if you organise it well and take light things with you.

If you choose a cooler destination, you can travel for up to 1 week with your cabin bag, as jumpers and warm clothes take more space.


Organise your hand luggage efficiently:

- Take travel size/ solid shampoo and soap in a transparent pocket at the top of the suitcase (maximum quantity of 10 containers of each 100ml at the airport) for airport checks

- Roll up clothes so that they take up as little space as possible and do not wrinkle

- Take some hand washing soap (max 100 ml), so that you don't take too many clothes and can wash them