Travel ECO!

Before leaving on holiday we quickly grab a water bottle, buy some cookies for on the road and pack our sandwiches in foil. All of this contains a lot of single-use plastics. Want to know how to reduce it? We have some tips!

  1. A drinking bottle in metal, glass or bamboo, it is all possible! One reusable drinking bottle replaces thousands of plastic bottles per year. Because of all the different designs you will always be able to tell yours apart from the other bottles and for all moms and dads: no more kids spilling their water, because the kids can’t squish their bottle anymore!
  2. Your sandwiches? Put them in a reusable box! They will stay as fresh as with the foil and the box might come in handy during your holiday. And the cookies? Buy a bigger box where the cookies are not packed per cookie. You will avoid the use of a lot of plastic and if you put them in a reusable box, you will avoid some struggles and crumbs as well!
  3. If you’re leaving by car or by plane, you’ll always find an occasion to use a reusable bag! Therefor it is handy to put one in your handbag. You’ll save money on buying the plastic bags, avoid an awkward situation where you must carry everything because you don’t have a bag and you’ll save the earth!
  4. Concerning your liquids that you’ll bring on the plane, buy a see-through toilet bag that you reuse and repurpose. Once again, you’ll save money on buying the small plastic bags and you can keep it in there during the whole trip.
  5. Want to go a little further? There are many brands that offer a more ecologic version of their lines. From suitcases to clothing and even toiletries… Absolutely worth it to go and have a look.