Tips to survive the winter slump

It is getting colder, darker and we are going out less often. The ideal recipe to get in a winter slump. We have some tips to survive!

  1. Get your rays of sunlight.
    Leaving your home when it’s still dark and getting back home when it’s dark again. Nothing worse than spending a whole day without any daylight. Try to go out for lunch or take a little walk as a break. Daylight keeps you happy!
  2. Keep on eating healthy.
    As soon as summer is over, we tend to give up our healthy food. Fat food makes you way more tired. That’s why you lack energy. Keep on eating healthy, especially during luch. This way you can keep your energy and your summer body!  ;)
  3. Invite some friends.
    Make sure you’re not home alone all the time. Don’t feel like leaving your house? Just invite a friend to catch up together organize a cocktail evening. Because who says cocktails are only for summer?
  4. Sleep enough.
    Because it is dark all the time you feel tired a lot faster. Make sure to get your 8 hours of sleep. You’ll feel well rested and have some energy left to do fun things instead of hanging in the sofa.
  5. Book a trip!
    If you can escape your daily routine and recharche your batteries you’ll forget it is winter for a second. Even if you’re going somewhere snowy. A little getaway, mostly, includes all the above-mentioned tips! And thats how you dump the winter slump.

    Make sure to note the Brussels Holiday Fair in your agenda! Looking forward to a fun event makes you instantly happy.

    See you from 6th until 9th of February in Brussels Expo