6 useful tips for when traveling with hand luggage only

Toothpaste? Throw in your hand luggage.
Before buying everything in travel size, check the volume of your fluid items. Toothpaste, for example, is one of the most common items we buy in travel size. Because it is only 75ml, it can just go in your hand luggage!

Roll it up!
It is always a struggle to get everything in the always  way to small hand luggage, especially when you’re going for a little bit linger. Pro tip:  roll op your clothes! It saves a lot of space in your suitcase. Besides that, rolled up, your clothes won’t wrinkle up that much.

Dress a little warmer.
Even if you’re going somewhere sunny. You probably want to take a sweater and jeans for the somewhat chilly nights. Wear them on the flight. It saves up a lot of space and you can change your outfit when you arrive at the hotel. Besides, who isn’t always cold on the plane?

Take your biggest handbag with you.
Or as a man you can take a backpack. Most of the airlines won’t make any problem of it is you take a small backpack or purse extra. You can put the items you’d like to keep close or that couldn’t fit in your suitcase in them. Make sure to check the airline’s guidelines first to avoid any trouble!

Skip Tax Free.
Especially on the outbound trip. You won’t be able to take it with you on the flight back, if it are fluids over 100ml. Make sure to check the prices of the items you want to buy, because it is not always cheaper in the airport…

Pack tactically.
Make sure to put electronics and fluids at the top of your hand luggage. You know you’ll need to take them out at the security check. This will prevent you from having to unpack everything and annoy the people waiting behind you.