Feelitaly is an ambitious touristic project designed by a young tour operator of Molise, a beautiful region to discover.
Starting from a detailed market analysis on tourism trend where new destinations mean searching for a real holiday. Feelitaly has its roots deeply involved in the love for traveling as an authentic experience.
The aim is not to provide only goods and services to the tourists but let them live a full experience of the culture, history and traditions of the Region Molise creating a new kind of incoming capable of turning an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary and unique adventure. Turning a regular tourist into a traveller who gets involved in the exploration of our exciting and unknown land.
Feelitaly relies on the strength of innovation to propose impressive and out of the ordinary itineraries and experiences, tailor-made for the client’s needs.


Via San Giovanni in Golfo
0039 0874 493750 - 039 351 51 55 559